Residential interior design

“Being an interior designer is about self-discovery.”
– Alexandra Stoddard

A visit to your home

for an insight into your personality

We will come directly to your home to meet you and visit the space we will be working on. During this meeting, we will discuss your lifestyle, your needs for space functionality and the type of design that makes you thrill. In addition, we take photos and give practical and thoughtful advice on your project.

In short, this first meeting includes all these elements:

  • Presentation of the room(s) to be renovated;
  • Presentation of the different services offered by O Design;
  • Presentation of our achievements portfolio;
  • Discussion on your expectations;
  • Note taking regarding the client’s requests and needs (design and desired style);
  • Photography of the rooms to be renovated;
  • Choice of the elements to keep;
  • Budget preparation.

Our ultimate goal

is to create a design concept that reflects your personality and style.

At the end of this meeting, your designer will have a good idea of:

  • Your style;
  • Your budget;
  • Your needs;
  • Your lifestyle;
  • Your habits;
  • Your tastes;
  • The scope of the project;
  • The timeline;
  • Your objectives.

With all this information, your designer will have the freedom to create the living space of your dreams for you!

A meticulous research

for a refined interior design

This in-house meeting will be followed by the development of your design concept, the conception of the plans and the gathering of the work team under the attentive and expert eye of our chief designer, Nadya Bernard. Our interior designers will take into account several factors during their creative work:

  • The limitations of the space to be designed;
  • The standards and regulations in effect in the construction industry in your region;
  • Your needs both in terms of functionality and those related to your lifestyle and beliefs;
  • Your budget.

The ideas drawn from your designer’s fertile imagination will then be conceptualized into a design project. We use several means to share the results of our creative process with you: architectural plans, 3D models, material and color samples, mood boards, sketches, and more.

Discover how to customize your interior!