Bid management

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
– African proverb


All right, this is it!

You have chosen to dare try the O Design way!

Now it’s time to turn your interior design project into reality. Sometimes you only need to create a bold mix of different materials, such as wood, concrete, wallpaper or ceramics… Sometimes it’s about developing an open concept to free up space and expand a room by breaking down a wall.

No matter what concept you have chosen, our team is there to coordinate and supervise all the work. To achieve this, we start with a meticulous bid management process.

Our managers

will ensure the smooth running of the bidding process

The entire bidding process is used to manage administrative details and select the companies that will carry out the work required for your project.

Thanks to all the time we spent with you during our preliminary meetings, we have an excellent idea of what you need and how best to respond to it. That’s why our manager is the best person to act as an intermediary between you and construction companies. Their only priority is to ensure that your budget and deadlines are met.

Our bid management service includes:

  1. Site visits with the construction contractor;
  2. All the procedures with your municipality to obtain permits;
  3. Launching the bidding process and developing the budget with the contractor;
  4. The request for quotations for all elements of the design created;
  5. Detailed analysis of the quotations;
  6. Presentation of the quotations and answers to your questions.

With our bid management service, we ensure that all your questions have been answered as thoroughly as possible and that we give ourselves the best possible chance of success.

Discover how to simplify your life with our bid management service!