Interior design

“The whole point of interior design is about creating environments where people can really live their lives and where you can connect with your friends and family.”
– Vern Yip

Our interior design service:

A touch of design and originality in each room made by O Design

Interior design is the art of creating and designing spaces to make them as functional and ergonomic as possible for the people who occupy them.


Our bid management service:

Harmonious cooperation with long-standing partners

The fertile imagination of our interior designers requires the help of partners who will be able to bring all their ideas to life, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. We work closely with collaborators who are up to the ambition and boldness of your dreams and our ideas.

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Project management in interior design:

Bridging the gap in true transparency

Our interior design project management service has the sole purpose of coordinating all the steps towards the completion of your project by supervising the construction work. Our project managers will act as a liaison between you and the team on site in full transparency.

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Imagine a space that matches your vision

and where beauty and ergonomics prevail

Adventurous. Eventful. Full of passion. Tumultuous. But never empty or monotonous. Your life changes and is built everyday. The decor of your environment must be in tune with it and simplify your life. A room where it feels good to live or work in must be functional, meet your needs and create an invigorating and warm atmosphere.

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