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Building a house is a work of art by itself. Its design goes through a process where inspiration is the beginning of free creativity. In order to bring to life dignified and inspiring spaces, we are always at the forefront of trends and planning with your needs and lifestyle in mind.

Every step of the way, you can be sure that your home will be blessed with a charm and beauty that reflects a unique personality through the architecture, design and materials chosen.

In order for you to embrace the pleasures of the present moment, our designers listen to your story. This artistic approach allows us to know your needs, tastes and lifestyle both inside and outside your home. It is essential to be inspired by the daily use of the house in order to allow a new orientation to the spaces and thus give more value to the furniture and objects that surround you. The heart of a home’s life is the light that inhabits it, which will always inspire you. That’s why the orientation and the windows of the house are of great importance to us in our concepts.


The advantages of the O Design experience

Experience guaranteed happiness in a home personalized for you, signed O Design.

In addition to benefiting from the expertise of a multi-talented team, we provide a complete design service. With our well-established experience combined with our resourceful network, we will help you bring your dream project to life, without worry.

Whatever the project, the O Design team is ready to meet the challenges and accompany you through the process, bringing a magical touch to your project. With the help of the information you provide us, we can bring to life spaces you’ll be happy to live in.


Let us guide you through the o design process!

Our work processes in a few steps

Step 1

First meeting

At the first meeting, we invite you to talk about yourself and your project. Like around a fireplace, we will discuss ideas, budget, style and your tastes in the comfort of an open atmosphere. This step is essential in the creative process as the designers’ vision is combined with your dream of a home designed exclusively for you.

Important information such as the architectural style of the house, the number of rooms, the interior and exterior layout will be discussed. Our design geniuses always orient the house according to the morphology of the landscape in order to let in the natural light that will surround you, while inspiring you.

Following this meeting, O Design will begin the first sketches of the home plan. It is at this stage that your project will begin to take shape.

Step 2

Vision of the house concept

The process continues with a second meeting during which the preliminary sketches of the exterior and interior concepts of the house are presented (in the form of a 2D plan). This step invites you to analyze, evaluate and comment on the proposed concept. It will be possible to make any necessary changes to the proposed design and layout of your personalized home plan.

Following this meeting and once you have given your approval on the 2D plans, O Design will proceed with an exterior 3D plan of the house,

Step 3

Visualization of the 3D interior and exterior renderings

These are two very important steps, the visualization of the 3D interior and exterior renderings. These renderings show you the proposed concept for the interior spaces and especially the motion and fluidity in your movements within these spaces. This will also lead you to understand the action and benefits that natural light will bring to the interior spaces.

Whether it is a country or urban house, the 3D exterior visualization conceptualizes the chosen design. This step will allow you and the designers to make the final adjustments to complete the technical construction plans.

Step 4

Choice of interior and exterior finishing materials

The previous steps have confirmed the shapes and living spaces. We must now bring life to these spaces with quality materials that express the nature that surrounds us. The effect of the chosen materials must represent the people who live there. The materials we use will express what you are looking for in terms of atmosphere. In order to finalize these spaces where it feels comfortable to live, the selected furniture and decoration will bring a perfect finishing touch.

Step 5

When you arrive at the house, you will have that feeling of being truly at home.

Once the material selection stage is completed, we finalize all the home plans, as well as the construction, furniture and decoration specifications.

Step 6

Final plans and specifications.

The long-awaited moment has arrived. You will be presented with the plans and specification documents, while also taking the time together to review the final drawings and documents as well as the materials and furniture. Three (3) copies of the plans in “24 X 36” format and a digital copy will be given to you.

Bid management

Project management



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