“Beauty comes from the balance between two and three dimensions.”

– Henri Matisse


3D modeling

At O Design, we have equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art tools to allow you to visualize as best as possible what you have imagined for your future interior space. Our in-depth 3D modeling skills are available to both residential and professional clients. Thanks to this service, you will be able to see your future project in three dimensions as if you were there.

At the very beginning of the renovation or new construction project, our designers will present you with several two-dimensional layout options. The one you choose will then be converted into three dimensions. This simple service allows you to validate the smallest details of your projects even before they are designed.

A 3D map of your space… as if you were there!

Afterwards, we can easily plan, decorate and design residential, corporate and commercial spaces. 3D modeling is a practical tool that gives a clear and detailed idea of the final result, avoiding surprises and disappointments. In fact, changes in color, texture, furniture and atmosphere are made in a few clicks to customize your interior as much as possible. It is therefore easy to avoid errors and costly corrections.

3D modeling and its many advantages

We even offer the possibility of creating three-dimensional photorealistic plans using high definition images. These plans provide a clear overview of the texture, lighting and shadows of the design concept we propose, as if it were a photo. These photorealistic plans can be arranged with the furniture of your choice or customized on site when your designer presents you with the virtual version of the final rendering of your space. (An additional cost applies for this service.)