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With their judicious advice, our passionate designers will assist you in the creation of personalized home interior spaces.

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A sincere commitment

to quality and new trends

Imagine being able to easily redesign the interior of your home. Imagine being able to completely and easily transform the interior design of your company. Imagine being able to Design your new construction or complete your renovations based on architectural plans and customized 3D models. Imagine all this and more with our wide range of interior design services:


“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally.”

– Robin Siegerman



Home interior design is more than just a matter of matching colors and materials. It is the subtle art of painting a life of celebration, movement, contemplation and relaxation. In each of O Design‘s creations, ergonomics and quality combine to achieve a harmonious balance between the different spheres of your life. It all starts with a home assessment and a careful listening to your needs.



Our watchword

Guide | Innovate | Achieve

Guide. At O Design, our primary mission is to listen to your needs and desires. This is a cornerstone of our customer service and it is what allows us to offer you durable products and materials that really suit you.

Innovate. We aim to make our clients’ lives more beautiful and in harmony with their lifestyle through the alliance between the expertise of our designers and the experience of our general contractor. The concept ideas we propose embody the latest trends in home interior design and decoration.

Achieve. In partnership with you, our team will transform your living space into a place to match your every mood, with an atmosphere conducive to relaxation or action according to your needs. We work with passion to make your dream project a reality with a unique turnkey project management formula that makes your experience a pleasant one from start to finish.

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A word from our chief interior designer

Nadya Bernard

Dear client,

At O Design, our best asset is our creativity. It allows us to accomplish our daily mission: to design spaces that suit you, with concepts that are both functional and harmonious. By working with us, you can expect a thoughtful, planned and structured design that will precisely meet your needs while being adapted to your budget.

Transparency, collaboration and quality are the cornerstones of our practice and we hope you will give them the same value. For this reason, the entire O Design team is committed to a creative process that puts you at the heart of it. In fact, each phase of this process has been designed to build trust.

Thanks to the personalized support we offer you, you can count on us throughout the various stages of your project. This way, you can continue to focus on what you do best, while we work tirelessly on what we do best.

We look forward to meeting you and designing your next dream space!

Nadya Bernard
Chief Interior designer